Exhibition Jan. 06
Art Miami 2006

Bio - Statement

Since my early childhood , I was initiated to fine arts, to painting, drawing, music....I’ve kept this passion for arts all the way through college .Then I was also able to study architecture, the history of arts etc .As I was doing my master’s degree, at the university of Rennes, I met people working in the movie industry. I stopped studying arts for a while as I wanted to dedicate my time to the study of medium-length films; I really loved doing that.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go to Paris so as to work in the movies, décor sets.  I met many people, worked on many films, felt happy many times, and had many disillusions too; I finally put an end to this experience, as I felt like creating something of my own hands.

Today , I devote my life to my art work  .I’ve done a lot of work on the theme of comics ; I treat this subject in a light and playful way .For me , what matters most is to pay tribute to a style that I love more than any other one . I like to create a powerful impact by using simple codes like graphics and colors .I find this all the more impressive as the whole  thing comes to life in tiny” vignettes “; I take the comic strip image out of its usual frame in order to exaggerate its form, and the attitudes and feelings it conveys . In a way, I feel as I am some kind of vector which takes out the comics from a very compartmentalized universe. I think people often forget that, behind comics, people are to be found that have genuine talents for drawing, designing, story-telling.

When I work in that light and playful way , I am well-aware that part of my vision of the world stays unexpressed , deep down in myself, unexploited  .In a certain way I can say I am just being born artistically and I feel like screaming.  It’s a scream of denunciation to make people realize certain things and make things move. At this time , it’s hard for me to say more about this as I am just at the early beginnings of what I want to accomplish  ; yet , I already know for sure that in. this approach I will use codes that belong to comics like typography  and graphic.

The artist I have become today takes his inspiration from such a multi-sided universe (the cinema, the music, arts as a whole). There are actors, musicians, artists that I prefer to others... I have a liking for the cinema of Burton, Eastwood, Scorcese, for the sharp edge of their rhythm, tune...